Hybrid Franchise Option

Owner operators who market and sell to their local customers directly.

Jantize America's Hybrid Franchise Option

We teach you how to sell! We provide our hybrid franchise owners the most intensive sales and marketing training for growing a janitorial business. You will be fully trained on how to market and secure client accounts on your own.

You attend The Sales Appointment, with the Decision Maker of the facility. This allows for you to create a relationship, speak to them on their wants, needs, and concerns and educate them on why Jantize is the best choice for their janitorial services.

Grow your Business with our Hybrid Franchise Support

There are benefits to the Hybrid Franchise Program. It allows YOU the BUSINESS OWNER to be the face of your business. We work directly with you to grow your business, establish the client relationships, and be the decision maker for services and pricing.

  • Flexibility

    Starting a janitorial franchise is your opportunity to determine your own schedule and growth goals.

  • Financial Freedom

    With multi-revenue streams, our scalable unit franchise structure will help you become a successful business owner.

  • Lifestyle & Challenge

    Jantize can give you the path to building a janitorial business you’re proud of and excited about – every day.

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What's Included in the Hybrid Franchise?

The initial Franchise Fee buys the franchisee the exclusive rights to use the Jantize America brand. This fee also covers your initial training, which is hosted at our head office and consists of modules that combine classroom, on-the-job, and on-site learning.

Cleaning Supplies & Equipment:
Our high-quality, environmentally friendly products and our high-tech equipment are what make us stand out as a cleaning company franchise. You’ll spend between $3,500-$5,000 on cleaning supplies and equipment, with additional investments as you grow.

* Additional Start-up Funds will be required for Marketing, Sales, Office, Insurance, etc.

  • Manage Your Janitorial Team
  • Manage Your Commercial Clients
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Complete Training Available
  • Unlimited Growth Potential

We provide the tools, as well as a business coach, to help our franchise owners be competitive and profitable. Jantize will train you on the whole sales process from prospecting to closing, and make sure you understand the KPI’s of your business.

franchise team

You deserve a janitorial franchise system that has your best interests in mind. We at Jantize work with you to build your commercial cleaning business.

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Benefits of Choosing Jantize

Jan-View® Software

We provide our own proprietary software for managing your business' financials, streamlining billing and payments.

Get Paid

On time and reliable. Receive bi-weekly payments on the 15th and 30th of every month.

Smooth Startup

Get started easily with our low-cost startup options. Grow your business with our experienced guidance.

How to Be Successful in Your New Franchise

Sacrifice & Risk

Are you willing to sacrifice? You may give up the protection of a steady job your weekly pay check and benefits. You may face the world of uncertainties in a highly competitive world. You may give up vacation time.

Are you able to take the risk?
Owning your own janitorial business involves risk. Knowing there is no sure thing, you must accept the challenges of the unknown and recognize uncertainty.

Hard Work & Finances

Starting your janitorial franchise requires time and hard work. As your own boss, you're responsible for determining your growth and success.

Are you financially able to be the boss?
You must have back up resources and sufficient capital to undertake challenges of owning your own janitorial business.

Funding Options
People & Honesty

Do you like people?
Not just your favorite customers, but when the going gets tough and the customers are not satisfied?

Are you honest?
Temptation occurs daily in the lives of entrepreneurs. Those who cut corners in their janitorial business may succeed for a short term but will never achieve long term success.

Plan & Execute

Our janitorial franchise system is tested and proven.
We at Jantize look forward to sharing our experience with you and coaching you to success in the commercial cleaning industry!

We're here to help.
Contact us to discuss our options in greater depth – including our low startup costs and the many benefits of owning your own janitorial franchise!